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Summer Lax at Vets Park

Lots of lax on summer evenings at Vets Park.
For 2016, the Norwalk Lacrosse Association sponsors play at Vets Park three nights a week during the summer.
Our objective is to have fun, in the spirit of old time sandlot sports for kids of all ages. This isn’t “lax camp.” There is no formal instruction … though occasional strangled cries of “shoot overhand” or “go to the hole” or “move the ball” or “two hands on ground balls” are probably inevitable at every level
Except for the formal Masters League, play is informal, with teams picked at the beginning of each game based on who attends.
Nevertheless, since even pick-up lax can become serious, we have certified officials to make sure play is safe and sportsmanlike.
Summer Lax at Vets Park is open to Norwalk non-residents. However, non-residents should know that the City of Norwalk charges a $5.00 parking fee to drive into Veterans Park.
You must be a member of USLacrosse to participate in Summer Lax at Vets Park. You can join USLacrosse online at www.uslacrosse.org  (click on "Membership" in the left menu).
Summer Sandlot Lax-Eleventh Year
Pick-up Lacrosse for Boys who will play CONNY Senior, Junior, and Lightning in 2017
(Born September 1, 2001 through August 31, 2008.)
On a case-by-case basis, players born September 1, 2008 or later can participate with their coach’s recommendation.
Boys: Monday & Thursday Evenings, June 20--August 4 (excluding July 4)
This is old style pick-up lax, but with certified officials. One to three simultaneous games, depending on turnout. We play short squad games when appropriate. In keeping with the informal atmosphere we encourage in Summer Sandlot Lax parents are welcome to play with their children (parents, older siblings, and coaches who play must be members of US Lacrosse, but need not pay a registration fee to participate). When turnout is sufficient, we will age-segregate games; otherwise, all ages play together. Because we closely manage match-ups on the field, and strictly control contact, younger players have proven they can hold their own with the older kids and adults in Summer Sandlot Lax … and it is a great way for them to improve their play. In turn, the older players become de facto teachers as well as participants, and that improves their game as well.
6:15 PM    Players arrive and pick teams.
6:30 PM    Face-off. Based on turnout, we'll use one or two fields.
12-minute running time quarters with 5-minute water breaks between quarters.

Masters Men’s Lacrosse League  (age 30 and up).
Seventeenth Year
Tuesday Evenings: Five-week Regular Season beginning June 14
Three-week Playoffs
Every team plays eight games.
Six Teams: Some teams are still completing their rosters. If you would like to play on a team, email .

6:30 PM    30-minute running time halves, 5-minute halftime.

Registration & Fees
We aim to offer the maximum amount of play for the minimum cost commensurate with safety and a good lax experience. Click on "Documents" in the left menu to download the appropriate registration form. 

Boys Sandlot:   $65.00 
Men’s Masters League Team Fee          $2,000.00
Each team has its own internal fee structure.
Questions: Email or call Jack Couch at 203-838-0232 for more information.