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Norwalk Junior Lacrosse

Since 1990, Norwalk Junior Lacrosse has taught the fundamental skills of lacrosse, provided a rewarding team experience, and made sure our players have fun. NJrLacrosse is offered by the Norwalk Lacrosse Association, which also supports the lacrosse programs at both of Norwalk’s high schools and sponsors clinics and opportunities to play for enthusiasts aged six to sixty, and beyond. NJrLacrosse is a member of US Lacrosse, the National Governing Body of the sport, and of the CONNY Youth Lacrosse Association, which includes sixty community-based youth lacrosse programs fielding nearly 600 separate teams across Connecticut, Westchester County, NY, and even New York City.

NJrLacrosse Developmental Progression
NJrLacrosse offers an age/gender appropriate experience to every boy and girl. While primarily instructional at all levels, the balance between instruction and competitive emphasis shifts progressively so that graduates of the program have the skills, knowledge, and emotional discipline to play high school lacrosse, if they so choose. While a child who progresses through all levels of the NJrLacrosse program obviously has an advantage, many players who have entered the program as late as eighth grade have gone on to successful lacrosse careers in high school and college. Therefore, beginners are welcome at all levels.

Little Laxers (girls only) play is instructional only and is structured to be a fun introduction to the sport. Little Laxers normally meet once per week on Saturday mornings. The format is a station-based clinic where girls learn the fundamentals of catching, passing, shooting, scooping, and cradling … and yes, even wearing a mouthpiece and goggles! The first half of the practice typically splits the girls into groups of 5 – 10 players that rotate between stations with a parent/coach. The second half will be filled with races and maybe some target practice on a piniata! 

Bantam Boys play is instructional, mostly intramural, and non-competitive (no official scorekeeping, no league standings, no postseason tournament leading to a championship, no overtime play, coaches are allowed on the field). Body checking is not allowed and stick checks are restricted. Bantam Boys practice once or twice per week. Practices focus on teaching boys the fundamentals of passing, catching, cradling, scooping, shooting, and team play to build a strong base for their future growth in the game … and they are fun. Intramural games are played on short fields with short squads (typically 7-on-7) to guarantee the maximum number of touches for each player. Later in the season, NJrLacrosse will form Bantam teams to play scrimmages with teams from surrounding towns, culminating in a few Bantam festivals in early June, including Norwalk’s own Pound-On-The-Sound Festival (so named because both dogs and Bantam players love to chase ground balls).

Lightning, Junior, and Senior Boys and Girls NJrLacrosse teams offer players progressively more intense competition, appropriate to their age, and thus require progressively greater commitment. Lightning teams play small field/small roster 8-on-8 versions of the game to enhance learning and increase "touches"; Junior and Senior teams play full field/full roster games. Teams generally practice two to three times a week, supplemented with games. Games are on weekends and weekday evenings against opponents across Connecticut and Southeastern New York. Detailed practice and game schedules will be available at each team’s first meeting, though schedules will change over the season based on weather and other factors.


Everyone Plays
Every player who attends practice gets plenty of playing time. No experience is necessary at any age level.

US Lacrosse
Every registered NJrLacrosse player automatically becomes a member of US Lacrosse, the sport's National Governing Body, and will receive four youth oriented issues of US Lacrosse Magazine. 

Required Equipment

BOYS: Lacrosse Stick, Helmet, Mouthpiece, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Arm Pads, Cleats, Protective Cup, and Practice Clothing: A mouthpiece is included in registration. Rib pads are recommended, but not required. Use of NJrLacrosse owned lacrosse sticks, helmets, shoulder pads, and/or gloves is available for those receiving financial aid. Each player provides his own arm pads, cleats, cup, and practice clothing.

GIRLS: Lacrosse Stick, Goggles, Mouthpiece, Cleats, and Practice Clothing:   Each player must provide her own lacrosse stick, goggles, cleats, mouthpiece and practice clothing.

GOALKEEPERS: NJrLacrosse provides goalie sticks and all required protective equipment for both boy and girl goalkeepers. Players must provide all other equipment required for their gender.

UNIFORMS: Every 3rd-8th grade boy and girl who does not already have one is required to purchase a practice pinnie, game jersey, and skort for girls or shorts for boys.


Age/Gender Groups


Team Grade

US Lacrosse
Age Designation

Oldest Permitted
Birth Date
Senior 8th 14U 03/01/2005
Senior 7th 13U 07/01/2006
Junior 6th 12U 07/01/2007
Junior 5th 11U 07/01/2008
Lightning 4th* 10U 07/01/2009
Lightning 3rd* 9U 07/01/2010
Bantam Boys/
Little Laxers Girls
K-2nd Boys
and Girls*
8U & 6U 07/01/2011


* CONNY will not enforce oldest birth dates for grades K-4th, but member programs may choose to adhere to them. NJrLax will do so, but will entertain petitions for old-in-grade K-4th graders to stay with their grade, with the understanding that once they reach 5th grade, they will have to play with their age peers.

Read more about the new CONNY age designations here.




Does not include late registration fees

Little Laxers

$150.00 ($120 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership)

All Other Girls

$255.00 ($225 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership)



Does not include late registration fees

Bantam Boys

$150.00 ($120 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership)

All Other Boys

$255.00 ($225 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership)




Our policy is to refund all but our non-recoverable costs for players who decide to withdraw through the sixth practice of their age/gender group. After the sixth practice, there will be no refund of registration fees.

Financial Aid

Call 203-838-0232 or contact njlgirlslax@gmail.com for information.
For team specific information once the season gets closer click on the "Team" button at the top of the home page. From there choose your specific season, league, and team on the pull-down menus at the top of the page. On the left-hand side of the page, select team specific bulletins, rosters, and schedule.