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2024 Winter Clinics

Lightning Girls - Grades 3rd and 4th       Lightning Boys - Grades 3rd and 4th  
Date Time POD     Date Time POD
1/6/2024 3:00-4:00pm Lightning Girls     1/7/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Boys
1/7/2024 11:00-12:00pm Lightning Girls     1/20/2024 4:00-5:00pm Lightning Boys
1/21/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Girls     1/21/2024 5:00-6:00pm Lightning Boys
1/27/2024 3:00-4:00pm Lightning Girls     1/28/2024 11:00am-12:00pm Lightning Boys
2/3/2024 3:00-4:00pm Lightning Girls     2/4/2024 6:00-7:30pm Lightning Boys
2/4/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Girls     2/10/2024 4:00-5:00pm Lightning Boys
2/11/2024 11:00am-12:00pm Lightning Girls     2/11/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Boys
2/24/2024 3:00-4:00pm Lightning Girls     2/25/2024 5:00-6:00pm Lightning Boys
2/25/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Girls     3/3/2024 3:00-4:30pm Lightning Boys
3/2/2024 2:00-3:00pm Lightning Girls     3/9/2024 2:00-3:00pm Lightning Boys
3/3/2024 11:00-12:00pm Lightning Girls     3/10/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Boys
3/9/2024 4:00-5:00pm Lightning Girls     3/16/2024 4:00-5:00pm Lightning Boys
3/10/2024 2:00-3:00pm Lightning Girls     3/17/2024 2:00-3:00pm Lightning Boys
3/16/2024 1:00-2:00pm Lightning Girls     3/23/2024 4:00-5:00pm Lightning Boys
3/17/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Girls     3/24/2024 2:00-3:00pm Lightning Boys
3/23/2024 1:00-2:00pm Lightning Girls          
3/24/2024 10:00-11:00am Lightning Girls          
Junior Girls - Grades 5th and 6th       Junior Boys - Grades 5th and 6th  
Date Time POD     Date Time POD
1/6/2024 4:00-5:00pm Junior Girls     1/7/2024 6:00-7:30pm Junior Boys
1/7/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Girls     1/20/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
1/21/2024 11:00am-12:00pm Junior Girls     1/27/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
1/27/2024 4:00-5:00pm Junior Girls     1/28/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
2/3/2024 4:00-5:00pm Junior Girls     2/4/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
2/4/2024 11:00am-12:00pm Junior Girls     2/10/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
2/11/2024 6:00-7:30pm Junior Girls     2/24/2024 5:00-6:00pm Junior Boys
2/24/2024 4:00-5:00pm Junior Girls     3/2/2024 5:00-6:30pm Junior Boys
2/25/2024 11:00am-12:00pm Junior Girls     3/3/2024 4:30-6:00pm Junior Boys
3/3/2024 12:00-1:30pm Junior Girls     3/10/2024 11:00-12:00pm Junior Boys
3/9/2024 5:00-6:30pm Junior Girls     3/16/2024 5:00-6:30pm Junior Boys
3/10/2024 3:00-4:00pm Junior Girls     3/17/2024 3:00-4:00pm Junior Boys
3/16/2024 2:00-3:00pm Junior Girls     3/23/2024 5:00-6:30pm Junior Boys
3/17/2024 11:00-12:00pm Junior Girls     3/24/2024 3:00-4:00pm Junior Boys
3/23/2024 2:00-3:00pm Junior Girls          
3/24/2024 11:00-12:00pm Junior Girls          
Senior Girls - Grades 7th and 8th       Senior Boys - Grades 7th and 8th  
Date Time POD     Date Time POD
1/6/2024 5:00-6:00pm Senior Girls     1/6/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
1/20/2024 3:00-4:00pm Senior Girls     1/20/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
1/21/2024 6:00-7:30pm Senior Girls     1/27/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
1/28/2024 10:00-11:00am Senior Girls     1/28/2024 6:00-7:30pm Senior Boys
2/3/2024 5:00-6:00pm Senior Girls     2/3/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
2/10/2024 3:00-4:00pm Senior Girls     2/10/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
2/11/2024 5:00-6:00pm Senior Girls     2/24/2024 6:00-7:00pm Senior Boys
2/25/2024 6:00-7:30pm Senior Girls     3/2/2024 6:30-8:00pm Senior Boys
3/2/2024 3:00-4:00pm Senior Girls     3/3/2024 6:00-7:30pm Senior Boys
3/9/2024 6:30-8:00pm Senior Girls     3/10/2024 12:00-1:00pm Senior Boys
3/10/2024 4:00-5:00pm Senior Girls     3/16/2024 6:30-8:00pm Senior Boys
3/16/2024 3:00-4:00pm Senior Girls     3/17/2024 4:00-5:00pm Senior Boys
3/17/2024 12:00-1:00pm Senior Girls     3/23/2024 6:30-8:00pm Senior Boys
3/23/2024 3:00-4:00pm Senior Girls     3/24/2024 4:00-5:00pm Senior Boys
3/24/2024 12:00-1:00pm Senior Girls          
LITTLE LAXERS - Girls grades K - 2nd       BANTAMS - Boys grades K - 2nd  
Date Time POD     Date Time POD
3/2/2024 1:00-2:00pm LITTLE LAXERS     3/2/2024 4:00-5:00pm BANTAM
3/3/2024 10:00-11:00am LITTLE LAXERS     3/3/2024 1:30-3:00pm BANTAM
3/9/2024 3:00-4:00pm LITTLE LAXERS     3/9/2024 1:00-2:00pm BANTAM
3/10/2024 1:00-2:00pm LITTLE LAXERS     3/10/2024 9:00-10:00am BANTAM
3/17/2024 9:00-10:00am LITTLE LAXERS     3/17/2024 1:00-2:00pm BANTAM
3/24/2024 9:00-10:00am LITTLE LAXERS     3/24/2024 1:00-2:00pm BANTAM

Winter Clinic Program at Northeast Athletic Center

NJL is so happy to offer 40% MORE field time this year and AMAZING coaches!  This is an incredible opportunity to work on fundamentals with elite coaches for great prices.  



  • Northeast Athletic Center, 365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Norwalk, CT 06854


Coaching Directors: 

  • Girls
    • Amy Alvord - Amy Alvord has been coaching High School and Youth clinics at SONO Field House, now the Northeast Athletic Center, since 2011. A two-sport athlete and 3x All-American midfielder at William Smith College ‘95, she helped bring the Herons to four NCAA Championship games. In 2003 Amy moved to Hamburg, Germany to direct an upcoming Women’s lacrosse program. She took the program from never having won a game to three back to back National Championship titles, and grew the Hamburg Warriors into the largest program in continental Europe. Amy returned to the US in '09, coaching Fairfield Ludlowe High School to their first ever Division II State Championship, including coaching three All-state players. Amy is a 6 year Head Coach for the CT Grizzlies, the Coaching Director at Westport PAL Girls lacrosse program, and directs 3 annual Gamebreaker lacrosse camps at Staples High School in the summer. She specializes in younger players “whose love and enthusiasm for lacrosse is blossoming into a lifelong joy.”
  • Boys 
    • Sean New - Sean is a former PLL player where he was a first round draft pick by the Whipsnakes.  Sea was the captain and four-year starter at Holy Cross.  In high school, Sean was also a captain and four year starter at Fox Lane, where he holds the all-time most ground balls and most caused turnovers records. Currently, Sean coaches for 2Way Lacrosse.  Prior to 2Way, he was a coach at Express North.

* We will also supplement with existing NJL coaches, with parent support. 


  • Grades: K to 2, 6 total hours = $180
    • $160 Early Bird special if you register before Dec 1 - discount applied at check out
  • Grades: 3 to 8, total of 16.5 hours = $350
    • $330 Early Bird special if you register before Dec 1 - discount applied at check out
  • 2023-24 School year
  • Uniforms NOT required, but recommended

K-2 is NOT drop-off

K-2 sessions are offered only in March


Financial Aid

  • Registration Fee discounts for qualified players or volunteers
  • Sibling discounts
    • 20% off second child
    • 40% off third child
    • 100% off fourth child
contact for more information


Nick Phillips


Phone: 347-579-7196