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Why Give?

We keep registration fees lower than surrounding town programs to drive greater enthusiasm for lacrosse and make sure that any child can participate

However, these fees do not cover any community-based outreach programs or help us attain our aspirational coaches’ compensation and financial aid goals. 

As such, we have created an Annual Fund to support such initiatives.  We are a not for profit, 501c3 organization.

Our Annual Fund donation site has 3 categories to donate:

  1. Community Outreach Programs: As highlighted above, we have a portfolio of programs ready to go, but paying for equipment and coaches can only come from the Annual Fund.
  2. Financial Aid Program:  A typical starter kit for a first-time boy player costs around $400 (helmet, stick, gloves, pads) and for a girl player about $150 (stick, eyewear).  These are daunting figures for a family new to the sport.  But our attrition rate is super low… so, we just need to find ways to make the initial cost of entry more affordable because we know the kids will fall in love.
  3. Coaches Compensation:  Our head coaches are paid 30-40% LESS than those in surrounding towns.  They coach for Norwalk because they believe in our Mission Statement and want to help our community.  We would like to pay them more, and the Annual Fund will help this effort.


We also believe in giving back and supporting our community

Lacrosse in Norwalk Public schools

  • Lacrosse is culturally important!  It is North America's first sport and was born of the Native North Americans.  The inventor of basketball played lacrosse in college!
  • Anyone can play lacrosse -- big or small, and it combines required skills taught by gym curriculums at all age levels.
  • Lacrosse is safe and fun and new.
  • Lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in the United States.  With more colleges launching lacrosse programs, it offers the greatest opportunity for players to play at higher levels and help gain acceptance.
  • The sport of lacrosse underrepresents our national and local demographics.  We want to change this.
  • In 2023, coaches from Norwalk Lacrosse visited gym classes throughout Norwalk teaching "intro to lax" to over 1,000 boys and girls! 
  • In Winter 2023 and summer 2023, Norwalk Lacrosse hosted free lacrosse sessions to Carver Center kids as part of their enrichment programs!

In 2023, Norwalk Lacrosse has given back more than $25,000 to the Norwalk community in the form of aid, equipment, coaching and registrations.

100% of your donation goes to work within 2 months supporting our program.


Give with a check

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Norwalk Lacrosse Association


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Norwalk Lacrosse Association

16 Washington Street, #968

Norwalk, CT 06856

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